Planning Tips | How To Choose The Perfect Day

Engaged?! Congratulations! Now where to begin…Below is our first in a series of posts on the things you need to consider right away, include choosing the date, the venue, setting a budget and how to approach your guest list. If you decide to work with a wedding planner (which if you have the budget I would highly recommend), these are some of the very first questions they’ll ask. So…ready? Let’s go!



How To Choose The Best Date For Your Wedding

The first question everyone asks when you tell them you’ve got engaged is “Have you set a date?” And if the answer is no, then you need to start there. So you know, the second question people always ask is “do you have your dress?”, which if not, is definitely something we can help with ;). 

Choosing your date needs to come early in your wedding planning process because it not will end up guiding a host of other important decisions. And, if you have guests coming from out of town, or are planning a destination wedding, then the more notice you can give the higher the chances everyone will be able to attend.  Some things you might want to consider when picking it are:

  • Day of the week. Are you having a religious ceremony that needs to be on a certain day, or can any day work? While weekends are easier for most people to attend, depending on where your family and friends are coming from a mid-week wedding is almost always less expensive as you’re not competing as much for the date with all your vendors.

  • Season. Is having a spring or summer wedding important to you, or have you always dreamed of having your wedding in the snow? If you can’t imagine getting married anywhere but outdoors make sure the spot you’ve picked and the time of year line-up. Wherever possible you want to avoid rainy seasons or hurricane seasons in tropical destinations - unless you’re happy for everything to happen indoors.

  • Holidays. Before committing to a date, check in with friends and family to make sure it’s not falling on a holiday - unless you want it to. Some people love the idea of a New Year’s Eve party, while others would hate that. If you have anyone coming with school age children, take into consideration school holidays and whether or not people will be away. While almost never can every guest attend, it’s always a good idea to try and line up schedules with the people it’s most important to you that they attend.

  • Venue availability. If you have somewhere you know you want to get married in, either for the ceremony or reception, then I would suggest checking with them first and weighing that into your decision. Now, as you continue on your wedding planning journey I would encourage you to be as flexible as possible. I’ll review this when we discuss budget, but I encourage you and your fiancee to decide one thing that is the most important, and let that guide all of your decisions. So if a particular venue is that for you, then work around their schedule. If not, don’t forget to try similar locations if your ideal date and their availability don’t match up.


We hope you found this helpful! Please feel free to leave any comments or feedback below, or if you think we left anything out, let us know!

Next Up, The ‘B’ Word….BUDGET!