How To Measure For A Perfect Fit

While many brides choose to have alterations made after receiving their dresses, measuring yourself can certainly go a long way to helping make sure you have the perfect fit. 

Here are some things to remember when taking your measurements to make sure you get the best fit possible. Once you have them set, stroll on over to our Size Guide page to confirm the best size for your order!

How To Measure

  1. Grab yourself a measuring tape. You'll want the soft kind, which you can buy at most pharmacies or general stores like Target.

  2. Make sure you're wearing something form fitting, just your underwear is best.

  3. If you're going to wear a pushup bra, or thinking about it, I would suggest wearing taking measurements both with AND without it, but I wouldn't suggest any other restrictive clothing. You want the measurements as close to your natural body as possible. Garments like Spanx will smooth you out but they're not going to pull multiple inches off of your waist.

  4. Most of the measurements you'll be able to take yourself. The inseam and your height will be the trickiest, so if you can ask a friend for help with those (otherwise you can just balance the end of the measuring tape on the floor).

What To Measure

Keep in mind where exactly this falls on your body will be different for everyone from size 2 to 22.

  1. Bust. Measure under your arms and around the largest part of your chest, making sure to not squeeze just rest the measuring tape.

  2. Natural waist. Bend to one side, where you found the crease is where you should be measuring.

  3. Hips. Stand with your feet together and then measure around the fullest part.

  4. Inseam. Drop the bottom of the measuring tape to the floor (of have a friend hold it), the inside length of your leg is your inseam.

  5. Hallow To Hem. Keep one end of the measuring tape on the floor and hold the other end on the bottom of your neck where there's a slight dip.

  6. Height. Measure from the top of your head down or mark yourself against a wall and then measure to that point if it's easier.

  7. Arm width. If you're looking at a long sleeved gown or jumpsuit, it's best to measure around the larges part of your upper arm.