Featuring The Meghan dress in ivory. Photography by Alexandra Meseke.

Featuring The Gemini Dress. Photography by Never There Yet Photography


“My mom and sister were there with me for the unboxing and there was giddy laughing, delighted screaming, and happy crying, hahaha. Such precious moments. The dress fits like a glove and I’m so impressed with the quality. It’s so beautiful! The subtle sparkle of all the little clear sequins is just breathtaking. I can’t believe I get to wear a dress this beautiful *pinching myself* It’s my DREAM DRESS!!!

Thank you so so much for making such a masterfully lovely dress and for making it affordable for an everyday American girl like me. I feel so blessed.”


“Christina Rhodes Bridal is wonderful to work with & went above & beyond to make the dress I wanted & get me the dress within a narrow time window. I’m so happy! ”


“OMG! My Granddaughter and I just opened the box her bridal gown came in. This dress is beyond our wildest expectations! It is the most beautiful dress I have ever seen. We both cried with delight! It is the first time in all the weddings I have been involved in that I have experienced this level of quality, perfection, attention to detail, quality, and design. We are thrilled! Thank you so very much! My Granddaughter is so happy!”